Welcome!  to Triangle4SaleOrRent.  We have specially-selected homes...many never advertised in newspapers or on Real Estate Listing Services.  These homes, townhomes, and condos were selected for their low sales price or rental price, beauty, quality,  quality add-ons, and top-notch locations.  
"Location is everything "  is so very true.  Why live in a concrete jungle and/or spend you life commuting...try our stuff on for size. Don't waste your time hunting through hundreds of property listings.  Our stuff is quality and it is always at affordable prices and competitive prices.  We  pick only the hottest and best properties and only in the best locations.  See these homes first...and then compare us to the competition. 

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Many of our homes,condos, and townhomes are new and ALWAYS well-located  And even the older properties have undergone major renovations including additions, decks, fences, carports, garages, hot-tubs, etc.  Call us with your wish list and move-in date.!

15 years of service to the Triangle.
Welcome to      Triangle4SaleOrRent

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